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Ways To Use Rain Water



Water your lawn and landscaping. You can use the stored-up rainwater to quench you’re thirsty lawn, shrubs, bushes, and flower beds. Just hook up a hose to your rain barrel and start watering!



Water your garden. A barrel or two of rainwater can provide all of the liquid nourishment for your vegetable or flower garden. You can also load up your rain barrel and take it to your nearby community garden for use there.



Water your plants. Imagine having a ready source of water for all of your outdoor and indoor potted plants – without turning on the faucet!



Fill your birdbath. During the summer, birds will need to bathe even in times of scarce rainfall. Luckily, you can draw a bath for your feathered friends anytime with

rainwater caught from you gutter downspouts!



Mop your floors. It’s just as easy to fill your bucket with water from your rain barrel as it is from your kitchen or bathroom faucet. If you keep your rain barrel covered and properly maintained, the water will always be clean enough for mopping.



Wash your car. Here’s a way to actually improve your car’s appearance with rainwater! Just connect your hose to a rain barrel, run it out to the driveway, and wet down your car before and after soaping it up.



Mix it with antifreeze. Whenever you need to put coolant or antifreeze into your car, dilute the solution with captured rainwater. After all, every little bit of water conservation helps.



Wash off mud. After a day of working in the yard, use captured rainwater to rinse off muddy shoes, boots, tools, and hands. Don’t rinse these items directly in your rain barrel; either use a hose connected to the barrel or fill a bucket or basin with water from the barrel.

Cool off your kids. Hey, children who love to play in sprinklers don’t really care where the water comes from! With the hose from your rain barrel, you can fill up wading pools, power sprinkler toys, or just give your kids a cool, thorough soaking!

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