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(Pursuant to Cause No. 44903 approved November 21, 2017)     (Phase II True-up Effective September 10, 2019 Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission)

(A)   For the use of and the service rendered by the waterworks system of the Eastern Bartholomew Water Corporation, the following rates and charges, based on the amount of water supplied during each monthly billing period.

Metered Consumption Per Month Rate Per 1,000 Gallons
First 3,000 gallons $5.59
Next 2,000 gallons 5.29
Next 5,000 gallons 4.81
Next 5,000 gallons 4.34
Next 20,000 gallons 3.86
Next 40,000 gallons 3.38
Next 75,000 gallons 2.67
Next 150,000 gallons 1.97

(B)   Minimum Charges

Each user shall pay a minimum monthly charge in accordance with the size of the meter installed for which the user will be entitled to the quantity of water set out in the above schedule of rates.

Meter Size  Minimum Gallons Allowed Monthly Minimum Charge
 5/8 – 3/4 inch meter 3,000 $16.77
1 inch meter 7,000 36.97
1 1/2 inch meter 15,000 73.10
2 inch meter 35,000 150.30
3 inch meter 75,000 285.50
4 inch meter 150,000 485.75
5 inch meter 300,000 781.25
6 inch meter 450,000 1,076.75

(C)  Connection Charges

Connection Charges Per Connection
5/8 – 3/4 inch meter $1,380.00
Large meter, minimum* 1,380.00

*   The charge for meters larger than 3/4 inch shall be the actual cost of installation, including labor and materials, but not less than $1,380.00

(D)  Membership Fees

Membership Fees Per Membership
Each   $100.00

(E)    Wholesale for Resale

Volume Charge per 1,000 Gallons $2.74

(F)     Miscellaneous Charges

Bad Check Charge $20.00
Reconnect Fees
collection fee $15.00
regular hours 30.00
after hours 120.00
Trip Fees
regular hours $20.00
after hours 40.00

Postage Charge for Delinquent Accounts

At any time a delinquent billing for water services is required to be mailed, an additional charge will be made for the then current cost of mailing.

(G)   Forfeited Discounts

First $3.00 $10 %
Excess over $3.00 3 %

(Issued Pursuant to Cause No. 44903 Effective Date January 16, 2024 Wholesale rate. Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, Water and Wastewater Division)

Almost 50 years of experience

Our company was founded almost 50 years ago on June 29th, 1970. Currently we’re servicing over 5,200 homes, businesses and schools.

Playing by the rules

Eastern Bartholomew Water Corporation’s rates and policies are governed by the rules, regulations and rate schedules approved by the IURC. 

Areas we provide service

Our area currently includes northern, eastern and southern Bartholomew County, as well as parts of north western Jennings and southern Johnson County.

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